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  Our Mission is to empower young people to use their spiritual gifts, to bring them to the understanding of salvation according to the word of God, to inspire them to be faithful to God, and for them to make an impact in the world by worship, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, and leadership.

441 Patterson Dr. Fairfield, OH 45014 (513) 858-6395

  •    Strong biblical teaching

  •    Mentorship (Junior Board)

  •    Financial Awareness

  •    Community Service

  •    Fun!

   What will keep young people engaged

  •      Being Valued

  •     Being Trusted and Respected

  •     Being used to do the will of God

  •    Have a close relationship with church       leaders

  •    Being able to use their gifts

  •    Fun in the Lord
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  YPU Gospel Service

April 24, 2015

Bishop Jimmie Parker

New Life Worship Center

  Valuing young people by committing to raising, training, empowering, and releasing a generation of spiritual leaders.
Gospel Rap Concert

Coming Soon in June 2015