Dist. Elder Larry D. Thompson Sr., Pastor of New Life Worship Center, founded the church in 2005. Prior to this, he had been a faithful member of Greater Emanuel Apostolic Temple for over 20 years where he served in many leadership capacities.  He is an ordained, licensed minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. with a worldwide membership of 1.5 million.  He was a student of Aenon Bible College in Indianapolis, Indiana where he studied to further his ministry. He is also the grandson of a pastor and has many preachers in his family.
Besides his work in the local church, Pastor Thompson has served as Chairman of the Southwest Region of Ohio’s Men’s Ministry, Treasurer of the International Evangelism Department of the PAW, and President for 6 years of the International Men’s Ministry of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. In this capacity he traveled throughout the United States and abroad seeking to reconnect men throughout the world, promote brotherhood and help those in need. Under his leadership, the Men’s Ministry flourished and his vision for the organization exceeded his original goals.

Pastor Thompson retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 30 years of service in 2003.  He rose through the ranks “like a phoenix”, beginning his career after serving in the U.S. Army, as a custodian.  He was one of the first employees of the Cincinnati Bulk Mail Center and therefore knew and understood its operation from the beginning.  After taking every available class in their Upward Bound Program, he rose to Group Leader and then Custodial Supervisor.  Elder Thompson was the first person to move from Custodial Supervisor to Mail Processing Supervisor.  He was also a Quality of Life Manager (QWL) where he organized groups and worked with employees and management to improve work situations and problem solve potential negative work related situations. He also attended and completed coursework from the Postal Management Academy in Maryland.
Through his excellent leadership and interpersonal skills, he was promoted to a Professional Trainer where he taught employees, supervisors and postmasters in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus District. He dealt with employee conflict resolution, safety, and workman’s compensation benefits.  He also helped train potential candidates to become supervisors, especially minority candidates.
Two years before retirement, Pastor Thompson was personally asked by the Cincinnati Postmaster to move from the Bulk Mail Center to the Main Facility downtown to become the Acting Director of Diversity.  Under his leadership, Elder Thompson continued to train managers, postmasters and supervisors on diversity and developed and organized district-wide programs to help people appreciate, commemorate, understand and celebrate the diversities in our culture.  He met with city leaders, including the mayor of Cincinnati, and had professional ballplayers, civil rights leaders and celebrities to be a part of his very successful and informative program.
Dist. Elder Thompson has been married to Min. Sandra L. Thompson for 44 wonderful years. He is the father of 5 children, grandfather of 11, and great-grandfather of 3.
Everything in his life has prepared him for the ministry of New Life Worship Center, and his ability to develop a flourishing church in just a few years, that is continuously growing and being an effective change agent in the community.